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Trident Vibes SOUR PATCH KIDS Blue Raspberry Sugar Free Gum

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Trident Vibes SOUR PATCH KIDS Blue Raspberry Gum packs all the fun of your favorite sour candy into a sugar free gum that delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewing experience. With 35% fewer calories than sugared gum, this sugarless gum has only 5 calories per piece and is coated with a crunchy candy-like shell that’s packed with the irresistible SOUR THEN SWEET flavor of SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. Instead of packs of gum, Trident Vibes flavored gum is packaged in a convenient bottle, making it easy to stash almost anywhere. Keep a bottle of Trident Vibes SOUR PATCH KIDS gum in your desk, purse, car, travel pack or anywhere else you might crave a piece of fruit gum. Non-GMO sugarless bulk gum packs with xylitol are perfect for sharing with friends or coworkers or for stocking your home or small business. Whenever you need a long lasting chew, choose Trident Sugar Free Chewing Gum.

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More Information
Flavor Blue Raspberry
Servings Per Container 40
Serving Size 1 piece (2.5g)
Calories Per Serving 5
Total Fat Grams 0g
Total Vat % Daily Value 0%
Sodium Milligrams 0mg
Sodium % Daily Value 0%
Total Carbs Grams 1g
Carbohydrate % Daily Value 0%
Sugars Grams 0g
Added Sugar Grams 0g
Added Sugar % Daily Value 0%
Protein Grams 0g
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